Our imaginary is continuously shaped by visual stimuli. You know…. Gelati Motel is shaped by porn culture. Alaska is one of the mind behind the commercial explosion of altporn in the US market. He’s a graphic designer. His style has been able to seduce consumers putting together the sparkling energy of pop and the vital impulses of underground. As discussed frequently on Gelati Motel, he’s defining a new style in the porn industry with a bunch of wild boys and girls. This interview is an introduction to his imaginary, our imaginary.

-Gelati Motel
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"Porn Design By Alaska"
"Just because most porn videos are tacky doesn’t mean that the packaging for them has to be as well: Alaska is a talented graphic designer whose box covers, DVD menus, and promo material for dirty movies (including such all-time Fleshbot favorites as “Art School Sluts”, “Stuntgirl”, and “Kill Girl Kill”) are works of art in themselves, a far cry from the usual slapdash Photoshop jobs that usually stare at you from the shelves of your local euphemistically named “adult bookstore”. In fact, sometimes we find ourselves poring over Alaska’s work so much when we receive a copy of one of the films he’s worked on that we forget to check out what’s on the DVD itself. (But not quite.)"

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Review of "Neu Wave Hookers"
"The DVD set is one of the most artistic and beautifully realized I have ever seen, (Alaska, this is some of your finest work and I only want to live in a world where your work hangs in museums. You are an artist in every sense of the word and Mondopopsickle considers you to be the greatest graphic designer in the world, and we are not even exaggerating a little bit.)"

-Terry Osterhout, Mondopopsickle.com
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"North to Alaska"
"Alaska, the man (woman? group? state?) behind some of the most amazing porno packaging out there today."

-The Porn Hater
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